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CSTE Exam Questions

CSTE 2006 Exam (JUNE 17th )

Objective Questions:
1. A question on fit components. Which of the following contributes to fit .
a. Data
b. Structure
c. People
d. Rule
e. All of the above

2. Reliaability, timeliness, consistency are included in which component of fit
a. Data
b. Structure
c. People
d. Rule

3. Who will develop the test process for software development using new technology?.
(Almost same question was asked in Part 1 ad part 3)
a. Management
b. Project team
c. Auditor
d. Tester and few more options

4. Which of the following are relatively complete acceptance criteria?
a. Performance should increase
b. Response time should be with in 10 sec
Few more statements...

5. Experienced people can be used as a tool for estimating the cost- Budgeting
a. Bottom up
b. Top down
c. Expert judgment

6. The communication type which is rarely emphasized
a. Listening
Few more options .

7. There were 2 questions on maturity level e.g which level enforces control for technology.

8. There were 3 question on standard , policy , procedure

9. which of the following model has these steps .. event identification , risk assessment, risk response
a. ERM
b. COSO internal control framework
c. CobiT model

10. Utilize the computer resources to perform their work.. belong to which type of activity specified below
a. Interface
b. Development
c. Computer operation

11. Obligations of both contractual parties should be spelled out in detail in which part of the contract
a. What
b. Who
c. When
d. How

12. There was a similar question on when the contracted software will be completed

13. Test planning activity which includes starting and end time for each test milestone.
a. Budgeting
b. Scheduling
c. Estimation
d. Staffing

Note: Please try out these questions and i will update this with answer tomorrow. Have a great day... :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

CSTE: Subjective Question & Answer

What fields would you include in creating a new defect tracking program (used by QA, developers, etc)? (25 points)

It should content following fields:-

1. Defect Id
2. Status:- New, Active, Fixed, Resolve, Duplicate, By Design, Closed, Reopen
3. Assigned to
4. Source of Defect (Test case or other source)
5. Stage of origination
6. Project
7. Subject
8. Summary
9. Description
10. R&D comments
11. Reproducible Yes/No
12. Severity: - Low, Medium, High, Very High, Urgent
13. Priority: - Low, Medium, High, Very High, Urgent
14. Detected By
15. Detected date
16. Detected in version
17. Closed in version
18. Screen print & Logs etc.

Friday, September 26, 2008

CSTE - Past Exam Papers

Objective Questins:

1) Which is not Coverage technique
a. Statement Coverage
b. Branch Coverage
c. TestScript Coverage
d. User defined data Coverage.

2) Question on Critical Listening

3) ------------- involves Budgeting, Schedule, Resources,…..
a. Test Administration (Ans a.)
b. Test Plan

4) your manager is not allowing to use tools as it costs more but your IT Manager asked your manager to how a weekly status report like how many times you may use the tool which comes under what
a. Risk Assessment
b. Risk Exposure

5) Who should set policies
a. Management.
b. QA group

6) IT management has taken a decision that "Testing involves both meeting the specifications and meeting user requirement". What is called.
a. Test Mission
b. Test Policy (Ans b.)

7) Any Technology which is new to your organization is called as new technology
a. True
b. False

8) Hiring, Training,.. all comes under which control
a. Environmental Control ( Ans: a)
b. Transaction Control …

9) Customer says that "Until and unless this requirement is fulfilled the application is not acceptable" what is requirement is called as
a. Critical Requirement (Ans: a)
b. Non Critical Requirement

10) Some question on intentional loss and accidental loss.

11) Risk magnitude question like.. Weekly 5 days are there and each day 4 hrs working hrs and each hr the risk magnitude is 250$ then wt is risk magnitude for a week
Ans: 250*5*4 = 50000$

12) Test matrix Contents.

13) The most important aspect of software testing tool is the ------------
a. Process used to acquire those tools.

14) Step by step process to verify the standards are met is called as -------------
a. Procedure

15) --------- skill are neglected usually
a. Reading
b. Writing
c. Listening

16) --------------- metric is mostly used.
a. Subjective
b. Objective

17) ---------was created by Kent Beck along with Erich Gamma.
a. JUnit
b. PHP Unit….

18) User uses the computer for his use. This comes under which Activity
a. Interface Activity
b. Development Activity
c. Operation Activity

19) Path Testing is --------- Technique
a. Structural
b. Fuctional

20) Question on Moderator roles

21) "Tester has completed his given work" what it is called
a. Tester Completeness
b. Test Effectiveness.

22) It is better to fix the defects (Same phase in which it is found)

23) Interviewing skills are used to Fact finding

24) Conflict is resolved when one party is successful in achieving its own interest at the expense of the other party's interest--------------(Forcing)

25) Simulating the called procedure is called ------------(Stubs)

26) The thing which is happened in system testing but not in acceptance testing
a. Test Data Preperation etc…

27) A programmer has developed a thing which is not mentioned in the requirements is called as
a. Defect
b. Change in the requirements….

28) a Defect is said to be real defect when
a. User/Development agrees

29) Process Controls are to reduce the-------------- (Variability)

30) Question on Metrics Definition.

31) Fit for Use is in who's perspective (User)

32) Integration testing is
a. when 2 or more components are properly linked

33) In FIT concept which is not present
a. data
b. structure
c. people
d. rules
e. plan

34) Comparing 2 or more variables like cost, resources….
a. Constraint Model
b. Cost Model
c. COCOMO Model
d. Function point

35) What is not include in the Contract
a. Why it is need
b. When it is done
c. What is does.
d. Penalties if not proper

36) IT management may not accept a project develop for the following reasons….

37) The dates on which the contracted obligations needed to be filled should be specified in
a. What is done
b. When it is done
c. How it is done

38) Inspector duties like..
a. To report the defects not correct
b. To review the product not the process
c. A and B

39) Having Copy righted materials into the Contractor's manual is imp for
a. Contractor
b. Contracting Organisation
c. A and B

40) Question on Conflict Resolution

41) ---------- Cascading of Errors
a. one error triggers another error.

42) Security Controls should be known to tester and be proficient
a. True
b. False

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Some questions from 24th June 2008 CSTE Exam

24th June 2008 CSTE Exam Questions

1. Diff between system testing and acceptance testing.
2. The process in acquiring tools.
3. How do you mentor juniors in ur organization?
4. Explain briefly about preventive, defective and corrective controls?
5. Explain the features of wireless technology.
6. How do the 'People factor' affects security?
7. COTS software test process.
8. The 3 factors that effects the cost of quality.
9. what are the constraints of testing?
10. Test Process improvement model.
11. contracted Software test process
12. How do you ensure that ur application is not 'over tested'?
13. Expalin about 'Reliability' and 'Validity' of metrics

Monday, September 22, 2008

Verification VS. Validation

Definitions of Verification VS. Validation

  • The process of determining that the system does the right things.
  • Determining if the system complies with the requirements and performs functions for which it is intended and meets the organization’s goals and user needs. It is traditional and is performed at the end of the project.


  • The process of determining that the system does things right.
  • The review of interim work steps and interim deliverables during a project to ensure they are acceptable. To determine if the system is consistent, adheres to standards, uses reliable techniques and prudent practices, and performs the selected functions in the correct manner.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Download CSTE CBOK 2006

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