Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Some questions from 24th June 2008 CSTE Exam

24th June 2008 CSTE Exam Questions

1. Diff between system testing and acceptance testing.
2. The process in acquiring tools.
3. How do you mentor juniors in ur organization?
4. Explain briefly about preventive, defective and corrective controls?
5. Explain the features of wireless technology.
6. How do the 'People factor' affects security?
7. COTS software test process.
8. The 3 factors that effects the cost of quality.
9. what are the constraints of testing?
10. Test Process improvement model.
11. contracted Software test process
12. How do you ensure that ur application is not 'over tested'?
13. Expalin about 'Reliability' and 'Validity' of metrics

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