Thursday, October 2, 2008

CSTE Exam Questions

CSTE 2006 Exam (JUNE 17th )

Objective Questions:
1. A question on fit components. Which of the following contributes to fit .
a. Data
b. Structure
c. People
d. Rule
e. All of the above

2. Reliaability, timeliness, consistency are included in which component of fit
a. Data
b. Structure
c. People
d. Rule

3. Who will develop the test process for software development using new technology?.
(Almost same question was asked in Part 1 ad part 3)
a. Management
b. Project team
c. Auditor
d. Tester and few more options

4. Which of the following are relatively complete acceptance criteria?
a. Performance should increase
b. Response time should be with in 10 sec
Few more statements...

5. Experienced people can be used as a tool for estimating the cost- Budgeting
a. Bottom up
b. Top down
c. Expert judgment

6. The communication type which is rarely emphasized
a. Listening
Few more options .

7. There were 2 questions on maturity level e.g which level enforces control for technology.

8. There were 3 question on standard , policy , procedure

9. which of the following model has these steps .. event identification , risk assessment, risk response
a. ERM
b. COSO internal control framework
c. CobiT model

10. Utilize the computer resources to perform their work.. belong to which type of activity specified below
a. Interface
b. Development
c. Computer operation

11. Obligations of both contractual parties should be spelled out in detail in which part of the contract
a. What
b. Who
c. When
d. How

12. There was a similar question on when the contracted software will be completed

13. Test planning activity which includes starting and end time for each test milestone.
a. Budgeting
b. Scheduling
c. Estimation
d. Staffing

Note: Please try out these questions and i will update this with answer tomorrow. Have a great day... :)


Ramya's Mane Adige said...


Thank you so much for the valuable information that you have provided here... I truly appreciate it!! I intend to take up CSTE early next year (2009) any kind of tips for preparation would be much appreciated!! Also, do you have any idea where I would find the recent Q papers? 2007/2008? I see a lot of tutorials and study guides (from test king, brain dump) that can be bought online... Do you think they would be of any help? Any idea if they contain Q papers??

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